Hot Smoky Bastard is a chilli sauce like no other. It’s as much about smoke as it is about heat. First you’ll get the smoky chilli, aubergine and tomato hit. This gives way to a gentle sweetness and then you are left with an afterburn that still allows you to taste other things. If you want the hottest sauce, keep googling, if you want the best hot sauce, you’ve found it. Hand-made in small batches in Leicestershire. You order, we make it. Bespoke manufacture. Every batch is slightly different. The sauce was inspired by my food hero Rohan Anderson to use up surplus chillies in the autumn. Good food, with as little done to it as possible.

We’re taking a break

Hot Smoky Bastard has been so popular that we have trouble making enough of it, so we’re not taking orders until sometime after the festive break.